01 October 2017

Neuer Holzbauingenieur
Im Oktober hat Lukas von Rickenbach, Holzbauingenieur Bsc. BFH, bei uns die Arbeit aufgenommen. Nach dem einjährigen Praktikum, welches er auch bei der Lauber Ingenieure AG absolvierte, hat er in Biel die Diplomprüfungen abgelegt und mit grosser Bravour bestanden. Herzliche Gratulation! Wir wünschen ihm für die berufliche Zukunft viel Erfolg und Zufriedenheit.


03 April 2017

Studienlehrgang BIM: CAS Digitale Vernetzung im Holzbau
Nach dem Studienlehrgang an der Fachhochschule Bern in Biel hat Adrian Sigrist die Abschlussprüfung bestanden und ist mit dem Certificate of Advanced Studies BFH, Digitale Vernetzung im Holzbau ausgezeichnet worden. Wir gratulieren zu diesem Erfolg und wünschen ihm viele interessante Projekt, wo er sein Wissen einsetzen kann.


08 September 2016

Opening of the visitor facilities of Allmannajuvet in Norway
On September 8th, 2016, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration opened the tourist attraction Allmannajuvet along National Tourist Route Ryfylke. In 2002, the world-renowned architect Peter Zumthor was commissioned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to design a tourist attraction in Allmannajuvet, in the north of Sauda. The facilities consist of a museum, a café, toilet and parking facilities, paths and stairs.

Through an ambitious process architects, engineers, electricians, painters, carpenters and other professionals contributed to a unique architectural artwork with unconventional solutions and uncompromising standards of accuracy. With his spectacular buildings in Allmannajuvet the architect Peter Zumthor once again created a historical monument in Norway that reminds of the hard times and the atrocious fates of the people. Allmannajuvet serves as a monument for mining and the tough times of workers at the end of the 19th century.

National Tourist Routes in Norway

03 August 2016

Architecture award of the canton of Zurich 2016 - Reward for apartment house (MFH) Leuthold in Oberrieden
162buildings realised between 2013 and 2015 were presented to the “Stiftung für die Auszeichnung guter Bauten im Kanton Zürich“. The Building Department of the Canton of Zurich honoured four buildings, among them the MFH Leuthold in Oberrieden. The jury was impressed by the accuracy regarding the urban development and the architecture. “With heart and soul” the Pool Architects succeeded in integrating a new building in the core of the village that does not hide,” the jury wrote.

MFH Leuthold

MFH Leuthold
Architekturpreis Kanton Zürich

01 August 2016

Back to Lauber Ingenieure AG
After successful completion of studies as Techniker HF Holzbau our former trainee Stefan Niederberger returned to us and took up his position in the section constructional timber design. 

The section structural timber engineering will be strengthened as well: Thomas Gabriel, Techniker HF Holzbau, will rejoin our team after gaining experiences in another Holzbauunternehmen. We are happy to work again with the two qualified professionals.

13 June 2016

Support in the section structural timber engineering
Balz Jans-Koch, Holzbauingenieur Bsc BFH, has taken up a new challenge with us after working three years im Holzleimbau. We wish him a lot of success and satisfaction.

01 Mai 2016

New employee
On May 1st, 2016 Rolf Hunziker, dipl. Techniker HS Holzbau, joined the team of Lauber Ingenieure AG. Rolf Hunziker has gained professional experiences in timber construction for more than 20 years and now reinforces the section constructional timber design. Good luck! 

March 2016

Member of SIA
In spring 2016 Lauber Ingenieure AG became a company member of the Swiss Association for Engineers and Architects SIA. At the same time, Beat Studhalter, head of section building preservation became an individual member of SIA.

22 February 2016

A one-year-traineeship with Lauber Ingenieure AG
After a one-year-traineeship, our trainees are about to finish their diploma thesis. Martin Lang, trainee Techniker HF Holzbau, BFH Biel assesses the applicability of timber facades for multi-storey buildings. Stefan Niederberger, trainee Techniker HF Holzbau, BFH Biel develops a manual for the evaluation of coatings of timber facades. We wish both of them a successful completion of studies and all the best in their future careers.
We are glad to welcome two new trainees: Lukas von Rickenbach, trainee Holzbauingenieur, BFH Biel und Samuel Künzi, trainee Techniker HF Holzbau, BFH Biel. For the new phase in their formation we wish them good luck and an instructive time.

15 February 2015

Traineeship at Lauber Engineers Ltd.
After one year traineeship our two interns approaching the final days and they are giving a final strong push to finish their thesis. Benedikt Ganter, timber engineering intern, is studying at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel. The subject of his thesis is how to plan robust, ductile and steady timber structures. Thomas Gabriel, trainee specialist technician for timber, also studying at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel, is planning a residential building in timber structure. We wish them both a successful conclusion and al the best in their professional future. At the same time we welcome three new interns at our office: Martin Lang,  timber engineering intern, Stefan Niederberger, trainee specialist technician for timber as well as Philipp Ossig, also trainee specialist technician for timber. For this annual traineeship we wish them every success and an instructive time.

05 January 2015

New team member
We would like to welcome Alexander Ziegler in our team. He is a certified Master Carpenter and his core competence is timber construction and CAD design. We wish him a good start in his new job.

27 November 2014

New address for Lauber Engineers Ltd.
As a consequence of the growth from our company we had to get more office space. Therefore we are pleased to announce to move into the new office at Winkelriedstrasse 53 in Lucerne. The new office will push us into another level of motivation. 

New address
Lauber Engineers Ltd.
Timber construction & building preservation
Winkelriedstrasse 53
6003 Lucerne

Phone and E-Mail remain the same. Please update your address directory. We are looking forward to further successful cooperation.

30 October 14

Prize for Bachelor’s thesis
On February 28, 2014 Michael Enz completed his one-year internship with us. In the last months of his internship, he dealt mainly with the dismantling and recycling of wood ceilings for his Bachelor's thesis. He was awarded his degree at the graduation ceremony at the Kongresshaus in Biel on 17 October 2014. In addition, he was awarded the Jutzler Jubilee Foundation Prize for the best undergraduate thesis on "promoting environmental protection, with emphasis on forest and biodiversity". Our heartfelt congratulations go to Michael Enz for his success and we wish him success and satisfaction in his future career!

24 October 14

Architecture 0.14
As a member of the workgroup High Tech Timber we presented the prototype "Wood connecting wood" at the architectural exhibition on 24 -26 October 2014 in the Maag Hall in Zurich.

Mock-up Maag-Halle

The making off: Vimeo
High Tech Timber: www.hightechtimber.ch
More info on the exhibition:: www.architektur-schweiz.ch

04 August 2014

Reinforcement for our team
Since the beginning of August Guido Holdener, who has a degree in timber engineering from the Biel University of Applied Sciences, has been contributing his skills to our team. Guido has more than 12 years of international experience in timber construction.
On the basis of his professional activity in Canada, he was officially registered as a Professional Engineer. He will help us especially in the field of timber engineering and in foreign projects. We wish Guido a good start with us and many interesting projects and experiences.

15 July 2014

Congratulations on a Bachelor's degree
Franz Willimann completed an internship with us in 2003 - 2004 and went on to work as a specialist timber construction technician in March 2008. In 2010, in parallel to his work, he began his studies in structural engineering, with a specialisation in construction, at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences School of Engineering and Architecture, and has now graduated. We congratulate Franz Willimann on his Bachelor of Science degree and wish him continued success and all the best!

19 June 2014

Opening of the Sempach town hall
On Corpus Christi the Sempach town hall was re-opened after its comprehensive renovation with a small ceremony, and the public were free to explore it. The Town Hall is a historic building of national importance and is protected under the cantonal directory of listed buildings.
More info can be found at http://www.rathaus-sempach.ch

01 March 2014

New employees 
In March, two new interns began their one-year internship with us: Thomas Gabriel, trainee specialist technician for timber, studying at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel, and Benedikt Ganter, timber engineering intern, also studying at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel. We wish them both an interesting and instructive year.

01 March 2014

Completion of internship year
Michael Enz, timber engineering intern, completed his one-year internship year with us. His Bachelor's thesis was devoted to the dismantling and recycling of timber ceilings.

01 January 2014

Lauber Engineers Ltd.
After sixteen years, we adapted our company structure and converted the Lauber sole proprietorship into Lauber Timber Engineering plc. In addition to timber engineering and building redevelopment, our core competences include building envelopes, fire protection and workshop planning.