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Beat Lauber, Holzbauing. FH SIA

Lauber Beat
dipl. Holzbauingenieur FH SIA
CAS Bauvertrags- und Vergaberecht
managing director
head of section structural timber engineering


The practical experiences I gained over many years in the international timber construction together with the solution-oriented way of working were 1997 the foundation for the successful establishment of a company with a continuous harmonious growth.

«Unconventional solutions and satisfied clients are my daily motivation.»

Studhalter Beat
dipl. Holzbauingenieur FH SIA
MAS Energieing. Buildings
head of section building preservation


Since 2006 I have been part of Lauber Ingenieure AG. As a professional carpenter I appreciate the varied work in the office as well as outside taking stock und beim Bauen im Bestand.

«I like to develop sustainable and efficient ideas within the team. »

Sigrist Adrian
Techniker HF Holzbau Biel
CAS Digitale Vernetzung im Holzbau
head of section constructional timber design


For the development and planning of timber constructions, practical experience is highly important. After finishing my formation as a carpenter I could collect valuable knowledge in different carpentries over 10 years.

«It is extremely interesting to be involved in a project from beginning to end.»

Holdener Guido
dipl. Holzbauingenieur FH
P.Eng. Canada
CAS purchaser competence -
project lead in building processes


After10 challenging years as project engineer in Vancouver, I am glad to have contributed my capacities and international experience in the varied projects of Lauber Ingenieure AG since August 2014.

«There is still a considerable potential in timber structures.»

Blaser Reto
Holzbauingenieur BSc. BFH
CAS Erdbebengerechte Holzbauten
Brandschutzfachmann VKF H


As a carpenter and during the studies of Holzbauingenieur I acquired valuable knowledge which I can implement in a practical way in my daily work.

«Technological progress motivates me to fill our clients with enthusiasm for innovative solutions.»

Rubin Simon
Brandschutzfachmann VKF
Holzbauingenieur BSc. BFH


With Lauber Ingenieure AG I can use my professional knowledge solution-oriented in the fields of fire protection, building preservation and engineering timber construction.

«My daily incentive is to realise the optimum for our clients with the resources available.»

Jans-Koch Balz
Holzbauingenieur BSc. BFH


Since I was a boy, I was fascinated by wood. This fascination led to the choice of my formation, my studies and my profession as Holzbauingenieur.

«It spurs me on to develop practical and creative solutions using wood, a sustainable building material.»

von Rickenbach Lukas
Holzbauingenieur Bsc. BFH


After my formation as a carpenter I continued to collect practical knowledge which I can now link to the theoretical basis I acquire during the studies of Holzbauingenieur.

«Every day I learn something new to be ready for the future in the innovative wood sector. »

Janika Laber
Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)


Internationale und praktische Erfahrungen im Holz- und Massivbau bilden für mich eine ideale Grundlage für die Verknüpfung von Theorie und Praxis bei der Umsetzung von Projekten.

«Das sichtbare Ergebnis meiner (täglichen) Arbeit macht den Beruf als Holzbauingenieurin für mich besonders interessant.»

Hunziker Rolf
Techniker HF Holzbau Biel


For many years I have collected valuable, practical experiences as project manager in leading Holzbauunternehmen, which are the basis for my daily challenges.

«The right planning is the fundament of a successful implementation. »

Gabriel Thomas
Techniker HF Holzbau


The many years of practical experience as a carpenter together with the extensive working experiences gained abroad form the best basis for successful project completions.

«To work in such a competent team motivates me every day again.»

Niederberger Stefan
Techniker HF Holzbau


I am happy to continue my work with Lauber Ingenieure AG after my successful traineeship and to reinforce the team with my professional knowledge as a learned carpenter.

«I am proud to have the chance to work in an up-and-coming sector such as timber construction.»

Fabian Kübler
Cand. Holzbauingenieur Bsc. BFH


Das Studium zum Holzbauingenieur gibt mir die Möglichkeit mein praktisches Wissen als Zimmermann mit dem theoretischen Wissen der Planung zu verbinden. Im Praktikum kann ich dies nun optimal anwenden.

«Es freut mich eine nachhaltige Zukunft mit dem Baustoff Holz mitgestalten zu können.»

Nuber Irène
Commercial diploma


After several years of working as a bank clerk in the investment sector, I took over the responsibility for the administration of the Lauber team in October 2012. Thanks to the varied tasks I can apply my experiences every day.

«I appreciate to work on my own and to take up personal responsibility.»