2011 bis 2015
Alter Löwen, Oftringen
Former tavern was renovated and converted into a village museum
EFH Feldhöhe, Hochdorf
Zweigeschossiger Holzsystembau für eine junge Familie
Prix Lignum
Ersatzbau in der Altstadt
MFH Cons-Casti, Laax
Holzbau in den Bergen
Double gymnasium Inwil
Brick building with impressive roof structure in timber
Prix Lignum
Hotel Palace Bürgenstock
Renovation of historically important hotel
Zimmeregg road maintenance depot, Lucerne – Littau
New depot for the road maintenance for the city of Lucerne- Littau
2006 bis 2010
Pavilion at the Bahnhofsteg ship landing stage, Zug
Prominent construction within protected tree population at the lake
Lignum Holzbulletin 119/29
Apartment building, Amerbachstreet, Basel
Multi-storey building constructed with timber situated in the heart of the city
Prix Lignum
Works depot of the community of Seengen
Extension of work and recycling depot including new office / workshop building
New superstructures for the Suhr bathing area, Buchs
The new buildings in timber construction give the open air bath a new look
Bocciodromo Luzern
Vier wettkampftaugliche Bocciabahnen im Minergie-Gebäude
Two-family home, Buchrain
Building with two apartments built in Minergie-P Standard

1997 – 2005
Mühlematt complex, Lucerne
17 apartments in prefabricated timber constructionl
Atrium of the Rimini Trade Fair, Italy i
Timber construction spanning over the entrance zone of the exhibition centre
Exhibition halls at the Rimini Trade Fair, Italy
Rhombic wooden framework spanning 60 m
Dome at the Rimini Trade Fair, Italy
The work of Pier Luigi Nervi inspired the design of the dome